Things You Should Know About The Best Scope For 7mm Rem Mag in 2022

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Today we write this article to give you the information about a topic that we have been receiving a lot of questions recently.

It is about the best scope for 7MM Rem Mag. 

We might have heard about this strong belted round. It works perfectly for dangerous games at a far distance.

To maximize the features of this round, you should use a scope.

What is the best scope? You will have the answer for yourself after reading this article.

Now, let’s begin.

What is a 7MM Rem Mag?

For those who don’t know about 7MM Rem Mag, let’s take a quick talk about this 7MM Rem Mag first.

This is one of the most popular rounds on the market. Invented in the early 1960s, it soon becomes favorite cartridges in the hunter enthusiasts community.

US Secret Service also utilizes it as an Urban Sniper Rifle. How cool is it, right?

It is derived from belted, bottleneck magnum family which has the caliber of .28.

After the round is fired, you can reload it again. Or use can combine it with gunpowder, bullets, and primer.

Where Did a 7mm Rem Mag Come From?

It started in the early 20th when Holland & Holland - a munitions company in England invented a round for rifles.

However, they then realized that the bolt seems to take the round go into the chamber deeply resulting in broking down the rifle and injuring the shooter.

It was when the .375 H&H Magnum cartridge came into the market. They created a rimless belted round with a wider base.

Thanks to the base, the shell is protected in the chamber. Thus, it inserts and extracts the cartridge safely and easily.  

Since then, this kind of round become a standard for all of the cartridges designs.

In the early 1960s, Remington invented a round in the belted family. It was 7mm Rem Mag. This product hit all the best - selling record of magnum rifle cartridges at that time.

7mm Rem Mag is well-known for its velocity, flat trajectory. The insertion and extraction are easy for the chamber.

What is The Use of 7MM Mag?

7mm Rem Mag is usually used for hunting big animals as it carries a strong cartridge.

For example, a dear can be shooted at 500 yards with the bullets of 140-grain. In case you use 160-grain, you can even hunt elks in the similar distance.

It brings you the excellent shooting experience by integrating the recoil, gun powder, and bullets.

What makes this cartridge special is its perfectly flat shooting trajectory.  Moreover, it can fit into a wide range of rifles such as Ruger, Sako, Remington, etc.

Why It Needs a Scope


7mm Rem Magnum is suitable for dangerous games thanks to its power. Compared to .30 caliber, this round can aim at a much higher distance.

The 7mm Magnum only shines when it plays at a far distance. That said, a scope which helps aim at the target accurately at a far cover in any conditions can maximize its potential.

Besides, Scopes can not only bear the recoil but also support the flat trajectory of the magnum.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Scope for 7mm Rem Mag

Types of Scopes

There are the two most common types of scopes: Variable scopes and fixed-power scopes

For variable scopes, it is suitable for any kinds of environment, even when you are hunting at the close cover or a far distance.

This scope allows you to adjust a wide range of magnification. You can zoom in or zoom out the target easily.

On the other hands, fixed scopes cannot have many variables for you to adjust the magnifications. However, for those who tend to shoot at the same distances, this scope is enough for you thanks to its simplicity.

Scope Numbers

This is a very important concept in choosing the good scopes.

The scope numbers are divided into two part separated by ‘X’. The number comes before ‘X’ show the magnification. The previous one is the objective lens diameter.

For variable scopes, there are two numbers in the magnification part. It means the magnification can be adjusted by its variables.

For example, UTG 2-8X32

Regarding fixed-power scopes, there is only one number in the magnification part. It means the power is fixed.

The higher the magnification, the bigger you see the target through its lens.

That said if you want to shoot targets at long-range distances. You should choose variable scopes. In case you only shoot at a close cover, a compact, cheap fixed scope is perfect.

Eye Relief

Don’t overlook this factor if you don’t want to hurt yourself.

Eye relief factor refers to the distance between your eyes and ocular lens when you are in the position.

For the big caliber rifles, you should get at least 2 inches of eye relief.


Regardless of the magnification, your scope should provide with a clear view. Thus, lenses are really important.

Good lenses will assist you to shoot accurately and read the wind speed.


Everyone expects a strong and durable body scope, right?

Well, then pick up the one that has the single piece body. It is best if it can have weather resistance features.

This list might go very long that we cannot cover everything for you within this article.

After doing practical research into this field, we have come up with the 9 best scopes for 7mm rem mag.

Now, let’s check it out each other and its features as well.

Top 9 Best 7mm Rem Mag Scope Reviews

This scope gives the users a high degree of reliability and good performance. Use this once and will not have second thoughts about switching to another brand. 

The construction is very strong and sturdy as it is made from high-quality aluminum which assures that this will hold up well throughout the years. The design has been well thought of by the manufacturer.

The scope has an O-ring seal that makes it waterproof. The nitrogen makes sure that the scope stays free from fog. The coated lens makes sure that there is a good amount of light transmission. The scope has an impressive zoom of 24x which sets it apart from the rest of the models.

You can expect to locate your target from miles away. The lenses give you a clear picture even if the available light is low, this is a huge plus point of the scope. This scope deserves to get your attention with all the wonderful features that it has to offer.


  • The scope is made from tough aluminum and it adds to the strength of the product
  • This is fog-proof, waterproof, and shockproof
  • Features an O-ring seal that is nitrogen purged
  • The turrets are capped and they can be adjusted manually
  • The eye relief is very reliable and lets the user locate the target quickly
  • The  adjustable lenses eliminate parallax fully
  • This can be used for shooting at different ranges
  • Very versatile and durable product


  • Takes a bit of time to get the hang of it

If you are on the lookout for a reliable scope then this is the one for you without a doubt. This is designed to make your hunting adventures memorable. This has some fantastic improvements that set it apart from the rest of the brands in the market.

This scope has been manufactured by employing the best technology to provide users some convenience. The scope measures 12 inches and it is resistant to fog and highly water-resistant.

No matter when you decide to out shooting this does not disappoint with its image quality, thanks to its coated lenses. The lenses can stretch magnification up to 12x which is pretty good. This is ideal for shooting turkey, slug, and varmint.

When it comes to quality this scope is undisputed. The construction is very solid and it does not have any fragile component which means you will not have to look for a replacement soon.

Do keep this model at the back of your mind and you will not regret it all. Think of this as money spent well.


  • The scope is for-proof and waterproof
  • This has a Multi-x reticle
  • The maximum magnification is 12x and the lens has a diameter of 40mm
  • The lenses have a special coating on them
  • Can be used for hunting during the night and day
  • Very good quality
  • Reliable performance


  • This scope takes a bit of time getting used to but it is not a major difficulty

If you are game for buying a reliable scope that lasts for a long time and performs, then look at this model. The manufacturer has employed updated technology in making this scope as it boasts of major improvements than other models sold in the market.

With its sleek design and flawless design, it is not a let-down at all.

You should take note that this scope is dependable when it comes to viewing clear pictures irrespective of the lighting conditions. Since this has a BDC reticle it will allow the hunters to achieve clear shots even at long-range.

This also possible because of its ballistic circles that offer such an advantage.  The scope has many different layers of coatings that eliminate reflection and provide good light transmission at all times. The reticle can be adjusted quickly without difficulty. The eye relief on this scope is quite good too.

The overall quality of the scope is very good, it both fog-proof and waterproof. Now that you are well acquainted with all its features, you should probably coax yourself into getting this one. Use this once and nothing else will matter as it can help you improve your shooting skills by a couple of notches


  • This scope features reliable BDC reticle
  • The multi-coated lenses allow good transmission of light
  • Crystal clear pictures even during low lighting situations
  • Very sleek and elegant
  • The magnification can go up to 12x
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Great performance


  • Takes time getting used to but it is not a major drawback

It matters little if you are professional or a beginner at hunting, this scope will help you achieve a greater degree of accuracy. This scope will certainly help you get the best out of your rifle and achieve success in your hunting expeditions.

Not only does this facilitate great accuracy for long-range shooting but it comes with parallax adjustments. Another thing worth noting about this scope is that it is compatible with almost any rifle and this is one feature that will surely strike the right chord with the users.

This scope boasts of a 14x magnification which is very impressive. This also has a lens with a diameter of 40mm. The lume lenses have a special coating on them that allows them to transmit light smoothly. The Plex reticle does a terrific job too.

So, it is without a doubt that you can assume this is the right riflescope that you should purchase. Do not worry about its longevity, as the manufacture has made sure with its sturdy construction that this will last for a long time to come. This product is a total winner.


  • A very durable product, the construction is very sturdy and there are no loose or fragile parts
  • This is fog-proof, shockproof, and waterproof
  • Simple mechanism and easy to use
  • Features Plex reticle
  • The lens can achieve a maximum magnification of 14x and the lens has a diameter of 42mm
  • The lume lenses have a special coating on them


  • The scope does not come with lens caps

Looking for a riflescope for long-range shooting? Take a look at this model, as it will not disappoint. The scope comes with a reticle that has a focal plane and thrown in with it is an impressive magnification of 16x.

What more could you ask for? The scope also has an indicator for turret rotation and an effective MAG- view, this feature acts as a guide when the zoom feature is being used.

What about bullet holdover? Well, this comes with a BDC reticle that gives you the chance to monitor this aspect. Shooters and hunters will both appreciate the tactical turret that the scope has, as it is elevated to provide accurate shooting.

The turret on the side has a cap that allows a steady and firm performance. These caps are resistant to dust.

To make sure that the outer body of the scope is strong and sturdy at all times, the manufacturer has given it electrolytic passivation. The lenses have a special Armotek coating that prevents scratches.

The argon gas makes the scope fog-proof and waterproof. Are you still hesitant to buy this? Do not hold yourself back anymore, just go for it.


  • Highly-durable product
  • The  tactical turret is elevated and capped
  • This is fog-resistant, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant
  • This has a BDC reticle
  • Ideal for long-range shooting
  • The magnification is 16x
  • The lens has a diameter of 50mm
  • Very strong build
  • Good value for money


  • The mounting process takes a bit of time but it has no negative impact on the performance

This scope is designed to provide heavy-duty performance. The magnification on this cope is a maximum of 24x and that is quite impressive by any standard as it is suitable for long-range shooting. Expect to acquire targets as far as 1500 yards.

So, you see that this will live up to your expectation of an ideal scope.

This scope comes with a rangefinder reticle that makes the job so much easier for the user. The black reticle has good visibility even without any illumination. However, it does come with green and red illumination for low-light situations.

The scope has adjustments for elevation and windage. The lens can be adjusted to focus on the target and it does away with parallax.

When it comes to quality this is unquestionably the best scope out there. This is fog-proof, shockproof, and waterproof. The strong construction will assure you that this scope will last for a good number of years. So, it is time you add this to your list.


  • The sales package includes a battery, cleaning cloth, carry bag, lens covers, honeycomb filter, and scope rings
  • The illumination on the reticle can be controlled by a touch-button
  • The level of brightness can be adjusted
  • This scope can be used even during low-light situations
  • The lenses can be adjusted and they eliminate parallax
  • Very effective reticle with a rangefinder
  • Maximum magnification of 24x
  • The eye relief is 4.5 inches
  • The objective lens is of 50mm


  • The manual could have clearer instructions, other than this has no flaws at all

This is a variable scope which offers a long-range magnification for you. It suits the best for dangerous games, thereby, the body scope is durable.

Let’s talk more about the body scope, it is made from aluminum with a matte finish.

Moreover, the lenses are multi-coated to raise the brightness, especially the shooting accuracy is also increased thanks to a plex reticle.  

You can adjust its magnification easily as it has ¼ MOA adjustment.

One important thing that makes it suitable for 7mm Rem Mag is its lightweight design.

What’s more? It gives you a lifetime warranty! How amazing it is, right?


  • The power of the scope makes it easier to reach out and shoot the target at a long distance.
  • Nice reticle with great eye relief
  • Very crisp lenses, very bright during low light use
  • Safety packing
  • Great customer service
  • Lifetime warranty provided


  • Doesn’t work well in cold weather
  • Adjustments are not stable
  • The scope is hazy through the entire field

This Nikon scope is made from the combination of aluminum and polymer. Therefore, it is still durable even in strong shots.

The cool thing about it is the waterproof and weather resistance thanks to the O-sealed and nitrogen-filled ring features.

Additionally, the magnification is added up to 12x. With the high-quality optics and 98% light transmission, you will shoot the target accurately.

Want to protect your eyes? Well, this products is for you as it offers you 3.7 inches eye relief.

The BDC reticle and quick-focus lens also help increase your shooting experience.


  • Be able to see clearly despite the low light.
  • The BDC with the spot on the app can aim the target to 400 yards every time (longest range around here)
  • Lifetime warranty provided
  • Resist water and fog well


  • Shipping protection is not good, some products have been used.
  • Unable to see the optics after sunset.
  • Not good customer service.

This strong one is normally used for hunting at a long distance and tactical fighting. Hence, it is very compatible with 7mm Rem Mag.

It is also a variable scope with the magnification range of 6-25x. The lens is 56mm which is a perfect number for the view.

Plus, you will have the accurate shot because the product is designed with a glass-etched reticle in the mil-dot bar style

How about the adjustments?

It gives you ¼ windage and elevation adjustments. And of course, it promises to work well under all kinds of conditions.

To provide you with the greater image in low-light conditions, this brand includes the side illumination features in their products.

Even though it might be pretty heavy for some people, its amazing features are still worth the money.


  • Good optics. This can remain its shape for years.
  • Let in a lot of light and sharp images even at 1000Y
  • Provide good clarity
  • Good eye relief
  • Great scope mounts


  • Illumination does not work properly
  • Almost impossible to adjust the turrets
  • Tacking is not that accurate
  • Not good customer service.

Do You Have The Best Scope in Mind? 

After reading the reviews, do you choose one for your 7mm Rem Mag?

For our recommendation, the first product Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-24×50 AO BDC (MOA) Riflescope is the winner amongst those nine scopes.

The other eight are also good. They have their own advantages. Depending on the list of how to choose the best one in this article, you can also consider the different choices.

These are the Best Scopes for 7mm Rem Mag and they are packed with user-friendly features that will make your day.

They do have very minor flaws just like every other product there but are outweighed by the pluses by a large margin.

These scopes are an asset to every hunter and shooter that is looking for them.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us on the comment below.

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