The Best 3 Gun Scopes 2022 for The Quality Awards

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Are you a keen hunter? Or are you interested in shotgun sports? Then you will definitely be aware of the necessity of selecting a high-quality 3 Gun scope.

If you have a great 3 Gun scope on hand, you can enjoy your time outdoor spent in the woods pursuing your favorite pastime at its fullest, you know!

To save you much time shopping around, here’s our recommendation on the best 3 Gun scopes in 2021.

WAIT! We think that we should share two important things below before showing the products:

What is 3 Gun Scope?

Three gun competitions are becoming more and more popular and for good reasons. Rather than fun and excitement, it gives you an opportunity to be good at the three primary kinds of firearms used in competition shooting. 

Shotgun, pistol, and rifle are the three guns involved in the 3 Gun shooting. The duration of each course of fire is different. So do the targets! 

How To Choose The Right 3 Gun Scope?

Anyone who is interested in the trends in competitive shooting sports will know how much daunting it is to choose the best 3 Gun scope making our shots count.

As with any shopping expedition, firstly, you need to know how to choose the best gun scopes.

What to take into consideration when buying a 3 Gun scope?

Your Budgets And Personal Needs

The innovation and fast development of modern shooting sports have resulted in a huge collection of new and ever more impressive 3 Gun scopes.

That’s when your budgets and personal needs come first as the factors to take into consideration.

How much you want to spend on a 3 Gun scope sets bounds for what features to desire. Also, it influences the product’s durability, stability, and performance as well as the glass’ quality.

In case money is not a big deal for you, one of the high-end products from the worldwide famous manufacturer should be your priority.

Magnification Power Option

Needless to say, the scope’s magnification power option is the key to success in any shooting competition. But what to know about it?

The higher the number before x is the more suitable it is for a long-range shoot. It means that you can only have a shot out to 731.5 to 914.4 meters with a 6X power.


When being in a shooting competition, your eyes will pay attention to the center for the close-range aspect of 3-gun shooting. Also, it requires a greater precision handling long-range targets.

Focal Plane

There are many optic companies specifically designing first-focal-plane scopes for the 3-gun competitions. For 3 Gun shooters, a first focal plane scope is not as much as important as a second focal plane one.

Best 3-Gun Scopes Reviews

Now that you’ve known what to look for at a good 3 Gun scope, why not invest seriously the best one for you? Here are 3 of the most high-quality 3 Gun scopes receiving a ton of positive reviews.

Let’s see!


  • You do not need any tools to make adjustments;
  • No difficulty accessing all of the controls;
  • First-class materials used to make this scope;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Compact, reliable, and lightweight;


  • The clarity of the red dot needs improvement;
  • You need to adjust the brightness levels frequently.

Burris Optics has long been famous for producing scopes, riflescopes, 3 Gun scopes which are deadly accurate. These 3 Gun scopes made with competitive shooting needs in mind are also crystal clear.

Luckily, the Burris 300234 Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount 3 MOA Sight is not an exception. Whenever you have it with you, you can take advantage of the advanced, high quality optics made from the high-quality materials.

Moreover, this all-black 3 Gun scope by Burris Optics is the best one for all-around use. You can use it on a shotgun, handgun, or rifle and with numerous guns and mounts.

The ability to be compatible with all three types of guns aside, this 3 Gun scope also offers a ton of other advantages. Thanks to its compact size (7-inch length) and lightweight, you will have no trouble transferring it.

What do hunters love about this product? It is the fact that they do not need any tooling for custom adjustments. It means that matching the scope to specific ballistics is a piece of cake.

If there is one thing that makes the Burris 300234 Fastfire III less popular than its friends, it might be the bright yet not clear red dot. To make the red dot come into focus, you have to do quite a bit of sight-in range adjustment.


  • Good price;
  • The first-class optic comes with great durability and thermal stability;
  • O-ring seals and nitrogen filled makes it stunningly withstand bad weather;
  • Fit with almost all kinds of guns;


  • A little blurry red dot sight;
  • The body is much more expensive than small pieces.

A solid competitor on the long list of the best 3 Gun scopes in 2019, the Sparc II Red Dot Sight - 2 MOA Dot by Vortex Optics is another great choice.

Just knowing what the 3-gun scope by Vortex Optics has to offer make us think “What do we need more?”

From great durability and thermal stability to brightness and exact colors attained, it is a fully packed with performance features. Thanks to them, it can easily fit a wide range of platforms.

Moreover, as you zoom in and zoom out, the multi-coated lenses let you get a precisely detailed picture of your aimed points at a wide range of distances.

Also, the 3 Gun scope by Vortex Optics comes with great water- and fog-proofing, shockproof performance, durability, and thermal stability thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum.


  • Promise the great visibility and gorgeous pictures even at sunrise or sunset;
  • Strong, durable, and reliable;
  • Suitable for close to medium ranges;


  • Not made for expert long range shooting;
  • The 28mm objective lens.

A top of the gun scope line brand for performance-oriented optics, the Barska 1-4x28 IR Hunting Scope needs almost no introduction.

What makes the hunting scope by Barska stand out?

The fully-multi coated optics tells you that there is no need to worry about the quality of the images. Whenever required, the vision will be nothing more than gorgeous and crystal clear.

Other options frequently found in a high dollar gun scope like the Barska 1-4x28 IR Hunting Scope are the optimal brightness, waterproof and shockproof design, and fine tune adjustments.

The 1-4x zoom and the SWAT-AR features offers a vivid picture of the target at close to medium ranges. That way, you can easily sight your prey dreary days or even at dusk and dawn.

However, the 4x maximal zoom is the Barska 1-4x28 IR Hunting Scope’s drawback. It means that it is not the best choice for those looking for long range engagement.

Who Make These Best 3 Gun Scopes?

From budget-friendly to first-class gun scopes, three bright names listed on top of our list are Burris Optics, Vortex Optics, and Barska.

Barska founded its own reputable benchmark for unbeatable quality and value ages ago. The US sport optics manufacturer popular among hunters is, without doubt, not a newbie to good sports optics.

Another famous American sports optics product company is Burris Optics. Devoted to creating and delivering world-class quality optics items, this US manufacturer has long been producing many of the best 3 Gun scopes on the market.

As the leader in the outdoor sporting industry – Vortex Optics makes us automatically expect on a high-end optic. The product by Vortex Optics reviewed above is more expensive than those by Burris Optics and Barska. But considering what it has to offer, it is such a fraction of the price.

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Final Verdict

Believe it or not, a 3 Gun scope gives you much fun. And its quality influences how excited you are when competing with other handguns.

Now that you have gone through our review on best 3 Gun scopes for sale in 2019, which one will you choose to fit your budget and your purpose most?

No matter which one you will choose, you should make use of all their excellent features.

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